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warming up, because it’s a cold day 

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The boy who blew out candles

have you heard the story of the little boy who would blow the candles out on other peoples birthday cakes only to one day be cursed to instantly age a year for every candle he had ever extinguished?

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sneaky peek

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designed a pair of logos for the Graveyard Police whom are currently working on SUPER POLYWOGGLE & Demi Necro

check em out and give em your support!!

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devilman & ryo"get thee behind me, satan" High-res

devilman & ryo

"get thee behind me, satan"

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PPS: Week 20

finally made it to ISSUE #100!!! 

the end, fin, finale, sayonara, spoilers, finito, game over man, game over.

this was an interesting experience (experiment?)

peace out


just made the 100th issue of my webcomic.
now onto the next thing….

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Book cover wips for borne digital

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Pound (2007)
mobile action texting game 

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evil = ignorance in action

socrates believed that no one does evil willingly/knowingly
plato claimed ignorance to be the root & stem of every evil
fabolous put forth the proposition that if you knew better you’d do better

it would seem that maliciousness, aggression & antagonism are self declared admissions of ignorance and demonstrate a lack of understanding of oneself, others, and our world.

books over bombs.
talks over turrets. 


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now loading?

now loading?

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Making Tabletop Games on the Go:

Tools (all free):
1. 3d Virtual Tabletop 
2. Prime Dice
3. SketchBook Pro or Mobile

The pablo method:
1. take pictures of players
2. import photos into Sketchbook app
3. lower opacity of photos to 63%
4. create new layer on top of photo layer
5. trace prominent lines of the photo & erase background
6. export photo & crop
7. import photo into 3d virtual tabletop
8. load Prime Dice on separate device and make up your rules as you go 

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for sticksandstonescomic High-res

for sticksandstonescomic

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Work Goggles Collection Digital Book/PDF (FREE)



WG 100 my 1st Book is now available for download! 

I’ve collected the 100 published issues of my corporate satire and absurdities comic Work Goggles series into a single pdf.

Free to download and share! (but you can pay if you want to be super generous, totally wouldn’t stop you)

reblogging & signal boosting helps too ^_^ 


reblogging my own post because i love me *_*

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bjork request


does anyone have this book? i need the paragraph/quote under the "you only live twice" song where she talks about how she regrets doing the cover and how things that are already good don’t need to be remade, but that we should remake bad things to make them good. or something to that effect. a copy of the text, scan/photo or typed would be uber appreciated! 

update (8/24/14): my electric brother: pablogriff did me a huge favor and looked into it for me. He did not find the above content in the book. So now my quest to find the most vague quote ever recorded begins!

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Samus Aran (89) - Regressive style High-res

Samus Aran (89) - Regressive style